The Carriage House

We continue to investigate the origins of the old house. We know it was built on-site, and that in 1915 it was moved to its present location and put on a fresh foundation made of rock-faced block. The lower story walls and floors were removed, and it was placed on a large concrete pad. It served as a garage and shop for the farm enterprise.

Multiple pieces of evidence support William B. and Margaret Portteus Maddock being in the house in the early 1870s. The Maddock family devoted itself to journalism, and various members were known throughout the state. William Maddock founded the Benton Review in Fowler. Various family members were associated with the Franklin Democrat, Rushville Republican, Benton Democrat, Lafayette Journal, and Bloomfield News.

It has a large main wing, and two smaller additions. One addition attaches to the main structure on its south side; the other attaches to the west side of the house and has a separate entrance. I believe it was the kitchen.

The sills are made of hewn logs, and notches remain which held the floor joists. It is one and a half stories, and the upstairs consists of two rooms.

This structure is at some risk presently due to a longstanding roof leak which has damaged a portion of the structure where the south wing meets the main one. The building is going to need a new roof immediately in order to mitigate water damage to the interior.

Old House

View of carriage house taken from the southeast